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Agri-Culture and Agriculture – The Root Change

By Biju Negi 

Agriculture and livestock rearing are a way of life for people in the Himalaya, or at least so we are given to believe. Is it still relevant, or have people moved on to newer vocations? Our feature article brings to light some of the fundamental shifts in agriculture - the way it was, and is now.

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Changes in agriculture in Ladakh

By Alex Jensen and Kunzang Deachen

As the people of Ladakh demand greater autonomy to govern the region, we look at how farming has transformed across Ladakh.

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People and their land – agriculture in the high mountains of Himachal Pradesh

By Farmers from Lahaul, Spiti and Kinnaur

Unlike several parts of the Himalaya, agriculture and horticulture paint a very different picture in the lives of the people here. How has it remains one of the most attractive vocations, and how long can it sustain?

We find out what the farmers of the region have to say. 

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Navigating the challenges of climate change in the Himalaya

By Akshata Anand

Climate change and unpredictable weather events are disruptors , especially in the Himalaya where life depends heavily on access to natural resources. We delve into what long-term weather data from the Himalaya points to and what this could means for farmers.

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Dhankar: From ancient towards modernity

By Tenzin Ganden

Dhankar, the old capital of Spiti, is a village of historical significance. Tenzin Ganden, one of our young readers from Dhankar, tells us how he has seen change in his village.

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