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Contribute Towards HimKatha 

We try to reach locals who live in some of the most remote regions of the Western Himalaya. We aspire to reach out to as many of these villages as possible. However, with limited access to internet facilities, and in some cases, even cellular network, reaching our readers remains a challenge. At the same time, access to technology remains limited to the young and few.

Thus, we print the newsletter for the communities and distribute it to more than 50 remote villages, schools, and libraries in these high mountains. For each issue we print around 1000+ copies for distribution. Through our network of dedicated volunteers HimKatha is distributed across an area covering approximately 20,000 The printing and distribution of the newsletter costs us approximately INR 100 per copy.

We intend to keep the newsletter free of charge for everyone and need your support to help us achieve this. All contribution to HimKatha goes towards the printing and distribution cost of the newsletter.

Please consider donating to HimKatha.

Please note: When you click Donate Now, you will be directed to Nature Conservation Foundation's (NCF) donate page. In the Payment Details form please donate to High Altitudes Trans Himalaya from the list. Currently, we are accepting donations from Indian residents and organisations only. Donations to Himkatha are covered under 80(G) hence fifty percent of the amount donated is deductible from your taxable income.

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