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Reyun Tache

Reyun Tache is a festival celebrated two days before Losar in many parts of Lahaul. In my village-Urgos, the festival is marked by each household painting Remu paintings on their walls for inviting good omen and warding off evil. Paintings are made with almost a competitive spirit, with each house trying to do better than others. All the members of the house take part in this celebratory moment and contribute to the painting. Each element of the painting signifies a deeper religious sentiment, and connectedness and harmony of indigenous communities with nature. Thus, it is important for each house to ensure all elements are present on their painting.

The next day is when the fun begins. Everyone visits the homes of the others to appreciate their efforts and ensure that they have included all the necessary elements in their painting. If not, then they have to pay a fine to the village committee and carry shukpa (incense sticks) throughout the day as a penalty.


Remu Painting: Jugmat Norboo (Urgos)

About the Author

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Jigmat Nurboo

Jigmat Nurboo hails from a remote village - Urgos in Miyar Valley, Lahaul, HP. He is a professional artist who has completed 8 years of training from Boddhi Thangka Art Institute in Patlikuhl. He specializes in Thangka Style of painting. He has worked on several art projects for Buddhist temples and ceremonies.

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