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About HimKatha

HimKatha is a bi-annual newsletter published in English and Hindi that celebrates human-nature relationships among high mountain communities of the Western Himalaya.

Remoteness and tough weather conditions in the high mountains of Western Himalaya brings with it a sense of distance. People living in these regions have formed their own unique identity. Underlying this is a sacred bond that people share for their surroundings which manifests in their folklore, traditions, beliefs, and way of life. We try to delve into this relationship through our stories, told by the people themselves. 

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We hope that you will make time to read HimKatha and join the dialogue.

Supporting Agencies

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HimKatha is published by Nature Conservation Foundation

Nature Conservation Foundation works in India’s high altitude region, striving to help conserve the snow leopard – as well as the diversity of life & landscapes that this beautiful cat symbolizes – in a scientifically robust and socially responsible manner. We combine research, community involvement, conservation education, and policy-level dimensions.

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