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Hi, my name is Tashi

And together we are explorers.

Rigzen, what are we going to do today?

I don't think so.

Oh wow! I never noticed this. We have such wonderful animals around us of which we know very little.

Will you join us in this exploration?

I am Rigzen

We go to new places and see new things.

I am glad you asked. Tell me if you have seen a house of a sparrow?

Did you know that our house is also the house of a sparrow? Sparrows build their nests in between the gaps of our roof and walls.


Then lets go and find out more about the homes of animals that live around us.

Let us begin by reading about the homes of different animals.

We Love Our Home


Wow! Animals are just like us. They too love their homes.

That sounds like fun. You all should also come with us. It will be quite an adventure. But we must remain close to our home and stay safe.

You are right Tashi. I think animals are like us but yet different. I think we should explore the homes of some of the animals and birds that live around our village.



  • Observe houses of at least 5 animals, birds or insects found around your house.

  • Think about how these houses keep them safe and what material is used to build those houses and why?

  • Write a short story about newly discovered animals, birds, and insects and their home. Get creative!

  • Send us your story on our email ID:


Story modified and adopted from Pratham Books.

Story Attribution: This story: We Love Our Home is written by Karthika G. © Pratham Books, 2019. Some rights reserved. Released under CC BY 4.0 license.

Story Images Attributions: All illustrations including cover page done by Chaaya Prabhat © Pratham Books, 2019. Some rights reserved. Released under CC BY 4.0 license.

Other Credits: 'We Love Our Home' has been published on StoryWeaver by Pratham Books. We're thankful to Radha Rangarajan, photographer, writer and expert on everything

non-human, for her inputs on this book.

Rigzen and Tashi Illustration by Rohit Rao

Page Concept by Ruchi Dhona (Let's Open A Book)

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